McKinley Arts Center Fire

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The McKinley Arts and Culture Center was open for business this morning...after part of the attic caught fire last night.
It was just after seven o'clock...someone saw flames shooting from the roof, and called 9-11.
Some good fortune and a quick-thinking neighbor helped firefighters.
We know there was an electrical short from an outside light.
Investigators say if it wasn't for a recently installed fire sprinkler system...the building could have been destroyed.
The center has been part of the community since 1910...first, as an elementary school.
The McKinley Park school was one of four Reno schools known as the Spanish Quartet.
These were mission revival style schools...built around the turn of the century.
Mount Rose Elementary school is the only other one left standing today.
The schools represent a growth spurt in the city of Reno...and were highly praised, at the time of their construction, for their modern convenience and technology.
Today, the center is home to a number of arts and cultural organizations in Reno...including Artown, which holds monthly meetings there.
The fire forced the relocation of many of these groups...but city leaders are working to find them a "temporary home."
Artown should not be impacted at all by last night's fire.
The July events will go on as planned.
We should know the full month's schedule sometime this spring.