Brown Bagger

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Stacie Ciesynski has a child at Marvin Moss Elementary School in Sparks, and she says these monthly lunches are great.
"I've come to a few of these and the information presented is always pretty helpful for me, since I don't have older kids in the district. It's all pretty new, it helps me understand and know what they're doing."

There are currently more than 62-thousand students in the Washoe County School District.
That's a lot of parents who have important interests in our schools, and that is why Paul Dugan, the superintendent, says he wants to ensure the line of communication is always open with parents.
"Ideally, any parent or community member that wants to have an opportunity to talk with me or share concerns or share comments, or whatever...."

Chris Layman says that is exactly why she tries to attend these brown bagger luncheons.
Even though today's topic focused on bullys, she and another mother discussed the safety of their children in the parking lot because of bad drivers.

Stacie Ciesynski says the principal at Marvin Moss Elementary noticed a problem, and created a no-tolerance atmosphere that is safer for the kids.
"The cars would come in and stack up three fold. Cars would come in, cars couldn't get out. Kids were darting in and out... crosswalks..."
Layman spoke up and realized her sons' school could learn from Moss.
"At Hunsberger, we don't have that. We have people continually parking in the fire zone, speeding... dropping kids off between cars which is very scary."

These two moms also want to know if their 4th graders would stay in elementary school or move on to a middle school by the time they hit 6th grade.
While the plan to move all 6th graders over is far from completion, the group discussed how it will vary from school to school depending on parental support.

Starting next month these luncheons will be held around the community in local schools or district buildings... instead of the main office near downtown Reno.
The next brown bagger luncheon with the superintendent is November 16th at the Parasol Foundation in Incline Village.