Fire Leaves Reno Family Homeless

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A Reno family is looking for a new place to live after a fire destroyed their home Wednesday afternoon.

A woman and her two sons had been living at the home on 1570 Laiolo Drive for the past 16 years. Fortunately, no one was home, when the blaze first struck.

Investigators are looking into a cause.

"It's a single family residence," says Butch Miller, Battalion Chief for the Reno Fire Department. "So (the investigator) is trying to figure out what caused it right now. There's all kinds of possibilities. So, they're looking at it."

Smoke and flames were shooting out of the home when fire crews responded to the blaze at about 1:30 pm.

The homeowner was at work, when a neighbor alerted her, that her home was on fire. Dane Jameson lives across the street, but didn't even notice the fire until his wife told him about it.

"My wife came home and said there's a lot of fire trucks and everything," says Jameson. "And I didn't even know about it, because I was reading."

Fire crews say the fire likely began in the back part of the house. They immediately cut a hole in the roof to try to contain the damage, but couldn't save the house.

Jameson's wife Unni, says she's thankful things weren't any worse.

"We looked out the window and I didn't even want to go out to interfere with anything," says Jameson. "It was very scary, but there was a policeman close by. He assured us everything was OK."