Retail Medical Clinic

A blood pressure cuff, and a pulse reading, something you'd normally find at a medical clinic.
And that's where we are, but were not in an office building. Instead we are at the Sak and Save grocery store on Oddie Boulevard.

Called Med Aisle, it's a walk up medical clinic the only retail medical clinic in Northern Nevada.

Tony Allen is the physician's assistant here.

" We had a lady came in here this morning her son goes to daycare he came in goopey eye the fever everything that also indicated a upper respiratory ingestion which conjunctivitis of be related to. We are going to see that child or adult we are gong to describe the necessary medications."

Currently there are about seven-hundred-to-one-thousand clinics like this across the country. They are trying to fill a specific niche. Convenience, located in a place where customers and patients typically frequent. Speed, the wait should be no longer than 15-to-20-minutes...this beeper allows the staff to page you while you shop. And cost, a visit here is a base of 59-dollars--more if you decide to go ahead with blood work or other test. They will take insurance if you have it.

Wes Granstrom is MedAisle President & CEO. He says the clinics are a response to what patients say they want.

"You know the real push behind the whole concept comes from consumers that are tired of long waits in emergency rooms and urgent care centers and the high cost."

The clinic is staffed by a doctor, physician's assistant, or nurse. Clinics like this have been criticized by some in the medical community because there is no follow up---you will be referred to your family physician if needed, if you don't have one--one will be recommended. On the plus side clinics like this could eventually take the pressure off your family doctor, urgent care clinic, or emergency room. Because minor one time problems can be seen here.