Firewood Sales

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With home energy costs expected to soar between 50 and 75 percent this winter, the demand for firewood is at a fever pitch.

The company is having trouble keeping the wood in stock.

Cascade Tree service is no longer taking deliveries for firewood.

The yard is down to thirty cords of wood. Usually, the company sells out in January. But, owners expect to be sold out much sooner than that.

Same goes for stores that sell home appliances. The Garage Door Center in Sparks has seen a run on gas burning fireplaces. Managers have sold 75 units in the last month. They say homeowners are looking for more efficient ways to heat their homes.

Experts say wood burning fireplaces are the least efficient because the hot air can escape through the chimney.

They say gas inserts save you money because you can heat only a part of the house you're using at the time.

Fears of a fuel shortage are triggering the demand for any heating source.