Animal Rights Activists Protest Research Company

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A group of protestors stood outside the Reno Charles River Laboratories facility Tuesday night.

Demonstrator Tania Tavcar says she doesn't necessarily want the company to shut down, but to find alternatives to animal testing.

"They're thinking feeling animals and it comes down as cruelty there's just no question about it," Demonstrator Rick Schweickert said.

According to an article by the Reno Gazette-Journal, a Charges River official has said it was planned work at the Reno facility would mostly involve rodents, with some work involving primates and dogs.

Charles River could not be reached for comment by deadline. However, the company's Web site says it is committed to humane care of animals. "At Charles River, we work hand-in-hand with the scientific community to understand how living conditions, handling procedures, and stress play an important role in the quality and efficiency of research," the site states.

The protest came one day after a suspicious object was destroyed by authorities near the facility. Police say the object turned out to be several discs with wires, and there were no explosives.

"You look around and you look at the folks that are here this evening these are compassionate caring people, they are not the people who are going to plant bombs, they are not the people who are going to hurt anyone human or animal," Demonstrator Irene Payne said.

Officers from the Reno Police Department kept a watch on protestors. There are no reports of any violence associated with Tuesday's protest.

Charles River also has a facility in Sparks. According to KOLO archives, an animal rights group had previously claimed there were numerous violations at the Sparks facility, and several monkeys were injured. KOLO archives also say Charles River changed its procedures in response.