Gas Cap sales Up

The price of gasoline just keeps going up, and as people fill up their tanks they know driving around town will quickly send the fuel gauge back down. But driving isn't the only thing that empties tanks....stealing it by siphoning gas does the trick as well.

Frank Stevens is the Autozone Parts Manage in Sparks.

"People saying I'm concerned someone is going to steal or siphon my gas, or someone has already siphoned my gas"

Stevens says more and more customers are coming in looking for locked gas caps. They can range in price from ten to about 25-dollars depending upon the make and model of your car.
He says since about 19-90 most cars have an anti-siphon hose installed in them.

But with the help of another flexible hose, or simple knife, that hose can be easily bypassed. While the locking gas cap isn't one-hundred percent protection, he says it is a deterrent,
Instead of stealing your gas, a would-be thief might just head on down the road.