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PJ Degross considers herself the proud mama of hundreds of adopted kids...or rather, troops. Working out of her garage she coordinates a soldier adoption program to ensure the young men and women fighting overseas get enough love and thanks from Americans at home.
A little more than a year ago, PJ began sponsoring one soldier by sending him letters and care packages. When he came home, she decided to support an entire Battalion of five hundred troops. PJ first got inspired to help when she saw a lack of patriotism toward the soldiers fighting this war. To change that apathy, she's asking the community to come out and help her "adopt" these men and women.
One of the best ways she knows how is to prepare and send care-packages. She'll even provide boxes and shipping labels to make the mailing process even smoother.
This Thursday, PJ has teamed up with Reds Old 395 in Carson City to throw a support our troops party. The event goes from 6:30-8:30p.m.
A free buffet dinner will be provided for anyone who brings a DVD or a book to be mailed to the troops. For more information on the event or PJ's adoption program, go to www.webofsupport.com.