Downtown Parking

Reno, Nevada
Downtown Parking
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What was once the Cabana Motel was rapidly being reduced to a pile of rubble today, and this demolition will be followed by the Daniels Motor Lodge next door. Clearing these two properties will give the Eldorado nearly a half block of property next to their parking garage. No structure is planned. For the time being this will be surface parking for about 140 vehicles...and the El Dorado says it's needed.

Rick Murdock, Vice Presisdent, Casino Marketing, "We know we'e got a parking's not the big fix, but it's our part." Murdock says this additional parking is all the more needed because of the success of the Downtown Events Center, where recent concerts have been drawing big crowds. The parking problem he says is especially evident on the weekends.

Peter Gillon, Reno Redevelopment Agency, says were the city is working at the problem long term and knows with more projects more parking will be needed, but at the moment, he says, a consulting firm which studied the downtown has adequate parking even with the Events Center.

Of course this question has been asked in downtown Reno before. Decades ago during the debate surrounding the construction of the Pioneer Theatre, the question was asked...Where are people going to park? The answer was there were hundreds, thousands of parking places within easy walking distance. Of course most of them were on the street and at any given time already had cars sitting in them. Gillon says in this case, perceptions to the contrary, there are at most times plenty of spaces available near the Events Center and elsewhere in the downtown, but as projects come on line, he concedes they'll have to plan for more.

Several of the new projects downtown are condominiums. Either new projects or hotel conversions...are they going to add to the parking problems?