Keep The Cold Outside

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The Nevada State Energy Office along with the Nevada Housing Division suggest several easy-to-do projects that can cut your energy bill throughout the winter season.

Bill James, with The Home Depot at Damonte Ranch, says you can start outside and work your way in the house.
"Various types of foam wrapping for pipes, you have wrapping for copper pipes down here, window wraps, various types of freeze protection. All the various types of things you use around your house."

When you're done with the pipes, move inside and ensure the cold stays outside.
Weather-strips can be attached to door frames, and you can apply caulk around both window and door frames as well.
"The nice thing about this is it's easy and it will seal up the cracks around your windows that will let cold air in during the wintertime."

There are also window seals that are easy to attach, and add one more layer between you and the cold temps.
"You cut it, you put it on the glass. Then it seals right to it. It gives you that extra insulation on your glass, so the cold doesn't come through... I would go ahead and start looking at it now because when it snows, it's going to be too late."

The Nevada State Energy Office along with the Nevada Housing Division has other tips to get your house ready:
- Replace standard light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs.
- Replace furnace filters.
- Install a hot water heater blanket.
- Clean furnace system and check ducts for leaks.

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