Seeing Snow

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The memory of last year's winter season brings a chill of both excitement and anxiety.
But, the newness of the first visible snowfall brought many out of their homes to play... in the little bit that blanketed the Sierra Friday night and early Saturday morning.

13-year old Madison Hansen just moved to the area from California, and she is very excited.
"This is the most snow I've ever seen in my life... I've never really experience snow before. We just played in it and it was so much fun. I got cold though."

Temperatures are predicted to stay around 30-degrees and dropping at night near the lake, with highs reaching around 50-degrees during the day.
But, despite the region's unpredictable weather... everyone likes to make their own prediction.

13-year old Elizabeth Read says she understands Nevada weather.
"Well, normally we have a false alarm. A fake winter at the beginning because it starts snowing and then it gets warmer again. But, this is probably the beginning of winter, I would say."

This first blanket of snow provided the perfect backdrop for the first "ski swap" of the year in Kings Beach where ski fans of all ages swapped used and clearance gear in preparation of a snow filled season.
Ski resorts can also start to think about making snow, especially if the temperatures stay low providing the perfect environment to make the flakes at night.

Ryan Lant, with Porter's Ski and Sport, says the snow just helps people get in the skiing mood.
"It's going to be huge. We're going to get buried... I think that's what everybody wants. Lots of snow. It's good for business, fun for skiing."

The official ski season starts after the first big snowstorm of the year, so we will still have to wait.

Upcoming Ski Swaps:
-November 6, 2005 Truckee Ski Swap
Truckee Community Center, Church Street 11am-4pm

-November 11-13 UNR Ski Swap
1350 N. Wells Ave. Reno