Patriot Act Opposed

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The City of Sparks approved a resolution against the Patriot Act. That's the massive federal law passed shortly after 9/11, to help fight terrorism, which some argue takes away too many civil liberties.

Sparks City Council voted three to zero to pass the resolution. Council Members Mike Carrigan and Ron Schmitt were absent.

The resolution basically affirms the city's "strong opposition to terrorism," but "not at the expense of fundamental civil liberties, rights, and freedoms."

People who spoke in favor of the resolution said they're most worried about parts of the Patriot Act that allow searches without probable cause....access to library, school and medical records.....and detainment without a trial. They also shared concerns about racial and religious profiling.

Sparks becomes the second city in Nevada to pass a resolution like this. Elko passed one last year, and they join about 400 cities across the country, that have now voted to oppose the law.