Careers and College

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More students are applying for college than ever before, making the competition to get into the right school more fierce.
The US department of Education says this trend is expected to continue.

Allen Gumm, a teacher at Carson Valley Middle School, understands it's forcing students to think about college and careers early.
"This is an opportunity for kids to get hands-on experience and hopefully spark interest that will lead them into something lifelong."

8th grader, Melissa Chambon is one of the anchors for the class.
She says it's given her a new perspective on what she calls an exciting career.
"I think I would like a job where I would like to communicate with people because I really like that and I thought it was a lot of fun."

It is sparking interest among this class of 54, 8th and 9th grade students who had to apply just to get in the class.
They not only produce, direct, and edit live-on-tape morning announcements, but they also learn different aspects within the production industry.
The federal government says technology is an asset in schools because it improves academic achievement, especially if it's incorporated in the lower grades.

These 13 and 14 year olds actually complete a 5-year plan for career preparation, to ensure they're taking the classes needed for the career of their choice.
9th grader, Jesus Palmer, decided then he needed to do something about his future.
"Last year we had to do career choices where we had to answer a bunch of questions. It brought a bunch of careers up, and one of my choices was news anchorman. I looked into it and joined the class."

Kendra Blum, another 8th grader, says this class has excited her about the jobs out there in production.
"I think this is really helpful, especially if I want to become a producer because just working with this has made me think about that a lot more because I like working with audio and footage."

The teachers say incorporating modern technology and leadership for the student's who come through these doors is preparing them to make choices early and plan ahead for life beyond middle and high school.