Trucker Rules

Trucker Regulations
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The idea behind any regulation is to keep truckers from driving when they're too sleepy to be safe. For 60 years, truckers could drive for 10 hours straight. Last year, the Bush administration changed the rule to allow another hour behind the wheel. A federal court struck down that change, but a stay kept it on the books.

Now the agency in charge of trucking safety has re-introduced the 11-hour rule with new research, saying it will actually make the highways safer. But it changes the rules for sleep. It requires drivers in sleepers to stay in bed eight hours at a time. That’s a problem for some teams of long-haul drivers who now take five-hour shifts-one drives five hours while the other sleeps, then they change off."

Not all drivers understand all the changes--and they do get complicated--but most truckers we talked to this afternoon in Sparks don't like them.