Officer Wounded In Downtown Reno Shooting

Officer Involved Shooting
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Investigators with the Reno Police Department say several shots were fired between 2 uniformed police officers and one suspect... leaving both the suspect and one officer in serious condition at a local hospital with multiple gunshot wounds and injury to the head.
Bullet holes and casings filled the intersection and surrounding area after an early morning shoot-out in Downtown Reno.
Police say they responded to a domestic dispute at 4:55, Sunday morning, at the intersection of Virginia and Second.
The male suspect was then arrested for battery, according to police, and they say they learned he was also involved with another battery on a woman at a local night club.
The officers started to walk to the night club to find the woman, but became quickly side-tracked when they noticed a stolen truck that was seen earlier by other officers around 8:30 Saturday.
The two uniformed officers approached the male driving the 2006 Chevy pick-up when they noticed the driver had a handgun.
Investigators say that is when the shooting began.
Investigators say one of the officers was hit several times, including a head wound.
According to the police, the suspect is a Reno resident and was also hit several times and also had an injury to the head.
Hours after the shooting, the area surrounding Sierra and 2nd street were roped off while police from several agencies worked together to detail the crime scene.
Around 10:30 in the morning, Washoe County Search and Rescue carefully searched the area for anything officers might have missed.... such as bullet fragments or other key pieces of evidence.
Investigators are not commenting on camera because of the seriousness of the shooting and several law enforcement agencies are involved in the investigation.
We will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.