Reno Fires

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An apartment fire Friday morning in Reno leaves a man dead. That brings the total to five home fires this week during National Fire Prevention Week.

The man lived at 127 West Taylor Street in Reno. He's been identified as 41-year-old Roy Hoggatt.

Investigators say he died of smoke inhalation. They say Hoggatt was smoking in bed around 3 a.m.

Heavy smoke could be seen from his apartment. Firefighters say that was caused from the mattress catching on fire.

A man upstairs was the first to call 9-1-1. He was treated for smoke inhalation, but survived the fire.

Sunday, investigators suspect arson in a fire on Angel Falls Drive.

On Monday, an electrical problem caused a house fire on Alamosa Drive.

Tuesday, there was an apartment fire on Sky Valley Drive.

On Friday, there were two fires, the fatal fire on West Taylor Street caused by Hoggatt smoking in bed and, a few hours later a mobile home fire on Wrondel Way.