Mickey's Magic

The Reno Rodeo Foundation's Marie Baxter was greeted by some the the kids early this afternoon who presented her with a gift.
A picture of them at Disney Land. A trip that almost wasn't to be after Aloha Airlines went bankrupt.

Teacher Shanna Moller explained just how crucial this trip was to the kids who had been waiting all year long for the special excursion.

"Social Skills, following directions, getting on an airplane, ordering their food. And also we want them to have fun. They don't have a lot of fun in their lives."

The community watched and responded to our story. The Reno Rodeo Foundation itself contributed five-thousand dollars. Exactly one week ago, the kids returned from a trip described by all as a fantastic experience.

During his time in school Eddie has been unable to speak to teachers or anybody about what he thinks or feels.
For the first time it happened at Disney Land.

"He started liking the rides then he went on a roller coaster and he came off the roller coaster and he went to a parent that was with us and said, look, like." And he put two thumbs up and pointed to the roller coaster and we were just stunned. The words were clear and verbalized and it was amazing."

And Fishel says those words didn't stop at the Disney gates. He continues to make remarkable progress here at school along with his classmates who can't wait until next year to visit the "Happiest Place on Earth."

The kids wanted to make sure they thanked those who helped them out on this trip and us for bringing their plight out in the open.

"Thank you Channel 8."