Apartment Rents Up Throughout West, Including Reno, Vegas

Just because it's a bad time to own a home doesn't mean it's a good time to be a renter.

While homeowners fret about the crumbling value of their houses, apartment renters throughout the western United States are writing
bigger checks to pay for their leases.

A new report being released tomorrow (Thursday) says that the average apartment rent through March rose from the previous year in
all 19 major Western markets surveyed by the research firm RealFacts.

The increases ranged from less than one percent in Reno to more than 9 percent in the San Francisco Bay area and Salt Lake City.

The rent in Reno rose seven-tenths of one percent to an average of $862.

Las Vegas recorded about a 2 percent increase to $886.

The highest rent was reported in San Jose at $1,660, the lowest in Tucson, Arizona, at $668.