Sex Abuse Scandal Moves to Reno

Reno Resident Thomas Rodrigue says his brother Anthony Rodrigue is a former catholic priest in San Diego and San Bernardino. Thomas says from 1978 to 1992 Anthony worked under Bishop Phillip Straling. And in a statement given to News Channel Eight, Thomas says his brother Anthony was convicted in 1979 of child molestation.

Thomas Rodrigue says "he knew my brother was a pedophile even before he became bishop." Rodrigue says his brother is serving time for a second molestation offense in 19-97 and will be getting out of prison this January.

Now Thomas has joined forces with the group SNAP or Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests to compel Reno's Former Bishop Straling to openly discuss what he knew about specific child abuse cases which allegedly occurred at California Diocese under his watch.

Joe Piscitel, the group's coordinator, says "what they are doing is talking about law suits they have settled and what happened in the past they should be talking about now, doing something positive now."

The small group attempted to deliver its letter to Bishop Straling this afternoon, asking him to quote: "come Clean" and reach out to anyone who has been molested by clergy. But the Bishop is currently out of the country.

But in a recent interview with the Reno Gazette Journal, bishop Straling said "I've been away (from San Bernardino) for 10 years and it would be unfair to comment. Everything is being handled down there. I can't comment any further."

A spokesman for the Reno Diocese says because the alleged molestations occurred in California there is still some question as to what can be done here in Reno, Nevada to remedy the situation.

A member of the SNAP group says she was surprised the office let them in to deliver their letter. Although they didn't get to talk to the bishop its more than they get in California she says where the offices are closed.