The Search Continues

Missing Woman
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It's sad to say, but true that people disappear every day in this land. When someone from a small town goes missing it touches everyone.

Nita Mayo has lived in Hawthorne for a dozen years. A lot of people here know her. As a nurse she's tended many of them.

Sharon Marshall, was a Friend and Co-worker, "In a small community it's so sad we never thought it could happen."

But something clearly has happened to Nita Mayo who is universally described as reliable...the kind of person who would never cause others to worry. Best friend Pat Beavers almost accompanied Mayo that day, when she was nowhere to be found the next day feared the worst.

Pat Beavers, is a Friend, "I knew then something's happened."

Mayo works at the clinic next to Hawthorne's Mount Grant General Hospital. Today her desk is as she left it. Family photos and mementos compete with computer and files for space, a visual reminder of her absence. The people she works with say she's never far from their thoughts.

Jan Kollodge, is a Nursing Supervisor at Hawhtone Hospital, "On the weekend it's not too busy and all you do is talk about it and think about it."

They're doing more than that. E-mails have been sent from here to all California hospitals, alerting other nurses to be watchful, that one of their own is missing. And they're finding other ways to spread the word. Ella Holybee spent yesterday leaving flyers at stops over the Sierra. Today, she is leaving some in a local truck stop, trying to tap into another widespread network, the nation's truck drivers. As long as Nita Mayo is missing, her friends and family feel they have to do something, but it's hard.

Carolyn Reynolds, Friend & Co-worker, "I can't sleep at night and then you wake up and its another day and I want to scream so everyone can hear."

Shelley Taylor, Mayo's daughter, says they family still has faith, but we need help. With every day the concern and frustration grows, but her friends and family say they won't stop until Nita Mayo is found.