Confidence in the Classroom

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"When you see your kid pulling her hair out, that's one thing. She wasn't sleeping real well. Her grades were suffering and she just wasn't happy."

Brian Loy says his 11 year old daughter Sami was a good student, until math got in the way. He and his wife say they noticed a change in all of her academic work, so they approached a former Washoe County School District teacher just starting a new learning center in the area. "She's been with Sami once a week, and the proof is in the pudding. Sami's felling much, much more confident. Her grades have improved. She's a happy kid and she loves math."

That's why Marie Capurro Baxter opened the Aspen Learning Center in South Reno.

"Confidence is critical in learning. What happens so often with students who are learning disabilities, or even just struggling... maybe they don't even have a learning disability or who are gifted... they start that negative spiral of self talk."

She says they offer one-on-one teaching along with small group sessions and even specialized workshops.

"We have students who may be doing really well in public school, but aren't being adequately challenged. Or we have students who are really struggling, maybe having trouble reading, math... they may have a learning disability. So, I wanted to create a haven for unique learners."

Another parent says the individualized education plans pushed her son enough to pursue academic scholarships, and now he's in college on a full-ride... her other children are now in after-school sessions.

Rossy Tibaduiza-Cardenas says her children weren't falling behind, she says she noticed the frustration was just beginning. "My daughter is very strong in math, but not reading. And, the other way around with the little one... so, I thought I have to get that balance."

The prices for Aspen Learning Center vary on the lesson plan you choose for your child anywhere from 35-to-50 dollars an hour.
But, there are also specialized workshops in drama, basic medicine, and other subjects for all ages.

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