Inspectors Tell Tahoe Center To Stop Surgeries

Nevada public health officials say the Lake Tahoe Surgery Center at Round Hill has been ordered to stop all patient care procedures following an inspection that revealed unsafe infection control practices.

The inspection was conducted by a federal Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services team as part of random surveys at 20 surgery facilities around the state following the discovery of flawed procedures at a Las Vegas clinic that resulted in several patients being infected with hepatitis C.

The state Bureau of Licensure and Certification, which issued the "cease patient care" order to the Tahoe center, said there was no evidence of any disease transmission as a result of practices there.

Linda Thompson, a public relations executive for Barton HealthCare which owns the surgery center, says inspectors were "extremely cautious and rightfully so for patient safety," but also says there was "never any risk to patient safety nor breach of sterile precautions."