Mack Motion Denied

Mack attorney William Routsis told judge Doug Herndon there was a lot a stake.

"Justice, and a man's life is in your hands."

This would be the last time Mack attorney William Routsis would ask for a change of plea and sentencing from Judge Doug Herndon in district court. After denying his motions, Routsis must now go before Nevada's Supreme Court in an effort to get his client, convicted killed Darren Mack out of prison.

"Judge Herndon is all due respect is avoiding the substantial issues and I think you are too close to this case."

Routsis tried to get Judge Herndon removed from the case, but that was denied by another judge just yesterday.Routsis still contends his client didn't know what he was doing when he entered a guilty plea on November 5th to murdering his estranged wife, and shooting at the judge handling their divorce.

In his ruling today, Judge Herndon said Mack's attorney had brought nothing new to the table, there was no new law to consider, no decision from another judge, no new analysis to the change of motion plea...which herndon said had been more studied and consulted than any other he'd seen in his legal career.
And then he let William Routsis know in no uncertain terms about his assessment of the defense attorney's performance in court.

" If you want to act like a petulant child and complain about thing with rhetorical questions and personal attacks against people, do it on your own time, not on the courts time not now not ever. I think even the most wet behind the ears first year out of law school knows that that is an improper unprofessional disrespectful way of putting forth written pleas...... And I would be very surprised if you do that in front of judges in this strict. Its an immature approach to the practice of law and I would hope that if you do do thing in that fashion in this judicial district that the judges here would have no more tolerance of that than I am having today."