All Beaches Re-Open After Spill

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Few people are back in the water here at Kings Beach, where a spill dumped 120,000 gallons of raw sewage directly in the lake.

While the remnants are slightly noticeable, locals say the effects are long-lasting.
The crowds are almost back to normal, with traffic filling the roads and water. But, the manger of North Tahoe Watersports says just talking about the sewage spill makes these employees groan.

Jamy Habeger, North Tahoe Watersports, says "It was awful. A lot on anxiety, it was a day by day, it wasn't like hey take 10 days off." Besides the 20 employees who went without a paycheck, the business alone lost an estimated 50-thousand dollars a hefty chunk, since the summer season had a late start due to the cold spring.

But, people they say people are quick to forgive when they see the sparkling water.

Lauren Ward, a tourist says "I think they're beautiful. We've obviously never heard of anything bad happening, so I guess it is good timing we're here today when it's all cleaned up."

Since the caution tape is down, and most of the warning signs have been removed everyone is ready to get back to normal and enjoy all of the lake once again.

Kathy McCalister, from the North Lake Tahoe Chamber of Commerce, says "it's brought everyone out. Although, we haven't had a major stop in visitors coming and locals out at the beaches, shops we've definitely seen a bigger increase since they've re-opened."