Massive Fire in Fernley Under Control

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Fire investigators are still trying to figure out what caused a loud explosion in Fernley, Sunday afternoon.

That explosion ignited a two-alarm fire that burned just outside the main structure at a roofing company.

Cleanup crews are wrapping up and smoke has pretty much vanished from the area. But the loud bang and the big fireball it created definitely gave everyone quite a scare.

"I was over on the overpass," says Darrell Hurles, a Fernley resident who was watching the fire. "And I just see fire shooting up and drove over here and it was just sparking up. Just going crazy basically."

Fernley residents reported hearing a major explosion at about 2:40 Sunday afternoon.

Thick black smoke quickly began pouring out of Polyglass, a business filled with plastic and waterproofing materials.

With the smoke hovering over the entire city, many residents crept closer to get a better look.

"We came here with a couple of my friends," says Justin Johnson from Fernley. "And we saw a lot of smoke like four stories high and saw all of the plastic stacks on fire and a lot of smoke."

This is the second fire to hit the business in the past year. Last May, a small blaze started in some wood pallets, but employees say this time the damage is more severe.

They're still assessing how much material the fire destroyed, while investigators determine a cause. With a highly flammable business next door and several other industries in the area, one emergency coordinator says everyone is fortunate that fire crews responded quick enough to prevent any injuries.

"This is an industrial area of Fernley," says Jeff Page with Lyon County Emergency Management. "All of these facilities have the potential for problems. So, the best way to deal with the issue is quick attack and knock it down so it doesn't spread to any of the other facilities."

It took crews about 90 minutes to get the fire under control. Even though business managers are still assessing that damage, they say everyone will return to work Monday as scheduled.

Emergency management says smoke has dissipated enough that it does not pose any health risks.