Hot August Nights Traffic

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When you cram five thousand classic cars and 800,000 more people into Reno, you're bound to have some traffic tie-ups.

Sgt. Andy Kachurak, from the Reno Police Department, says "with the amount of traffic coming into town it's tough just to keep up the flow going without delays."

But, they're bound to happen, especially since the summer is also the height of the construction season. Roads and lanes are already closed due to Retrac, the Mills Lane Center, and the new Virginia Street Plaza. Although there will be some help during Hot August Nights. All RETRAC and local street construction will be on hiatus during Hot August Nights.

Congestion isn't the only concern. Police say the event brings DUI's, speeding, and drag racing. Some locals are worried they'll get caught up in the mess.

Anna Bright, Reno Resident, says "My main concern is alcohol. I Don't want to get stuck with someone drinking and driving."

Host August Nights participants say 10-percent of the people are committing 90-percent of the problems. Most of them are just here to show off their cars and pump lots of money into the local economy.

Police plan on having DUI and seat belt checkpoints starting tonight downtown. Officers will cite anyone who breaks the law. You could then have your Hot August Nights tag pulled, not only for the rest of this week, but you may never be able to register for the event again.