People & Their Cars

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There's a special connection between these cars and the people who build and drive them. Like all great loves, complicated, occasionally painful, sometimes bordering on the obsessive.

It can be a search for one's lost youth. Often for that car we wished we'd never sold.

This isn't Charlie Welch's first 55 T-bird. He once owned the first ever seen in Reno, bought it from local millionaire Wilbur May, drove it for a few years then sold it to buy a later model. Ten years later he had another 55. He's still driving it, and this one's not for sale.

Al Oppio builds cars for a living. When he built something for himself, it had to be something different, a 41 Willys with the hottest paint job on the lot.

Karen Gibson's husband noticed her preference for pickups. They were cute. Today she drives this beautiful 41 Ford more than cute, and an instant status symbol. Karen Gibson says she's one cool grandma

Neil Millen may have the fastest Nash Metropolitan you've ever seen. From a distance it looks like your average cute little stocker. The urban economy car of its day. Then you see the shiny Chevy V-8, the roll cage, the wheelie bars and drag chute.

Everyone a personal statement. Each unique a self-styled bad girl calling herself Aquanetta drives this 3-window deuce coupe. She says she had to own the car because she was conceived on one and lost her virginity in another.