Reno Man Missing A Week After Fishing Trip

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The family of a Reno man who disappeared April 5th near Winnemucca says they're losing hope that he'll be found alive.

Shawna Honea is the only child of 52-year-old David Kerr. She spoke to KOLO-8 from Winnemucca, where she's been staying for the past week, hoping her father will turn up.

"We're all having our ups and downs," Hornea says of her and her family. "But we're all starting to accept the fact that he's not with us anymore. We're having a hard time moving forward without finding him. We're grieving. None of us want to leave without him."

Many agencies and individuals from Pershing, Humboldt and Washoe Counties and the State of Nevada are helping to try to find Kerr.

Kerr was on a trip with his wife Sandy at Pit Taylor Reservoir. He went to a nearby fishing area at around 4pm on April 5th and hasn't been seen or heard from since.

Search and rescue efforts on land, water and air began the next day. Kerr's boat was found Sunday and his hat was found Monday.

Water temperatures are said to be around freezing and visibilty is extremely limited.

Search and recovery efforts are still continuing.

Honea gave birth to Kerr's second grandchild, just seven weeks ago. Kerr will turn 53 on Thursday.

He moved to Winnemucca in 1979 and was a Captain in the Winnemucca Rural Fire Department and a Platoon Sgt. in the Nevada National Guard.

He also owned Kerr Iron Works while he lived in Winnemucca.

In 2001, he moved to Reno and started Kerr Concrete and Patio Coverings with Honea.