Few Leads in Animal Cruelty Case

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Four sheep were shot, probably at point-blank-range, in four separate instances in Carson City, according to authorities.

All four attacks happened on Jack Foerschler's ranch on Golden Eagle Lane -- the latest between Thursday night and Friday morning.

Foerschler says three pregnant ewes and a ram were killed, and the attacks each happened a few days apart, under the cover of darkness.

"Why someone should shoot a sheep that can do nothing to defend itself, it's beyond me," Foerschler said.

Many of the sheep at Foerschler's ranch are accustom to people and don't run away. Foerschler says he's been raising sheep for 15 to 20 years, and his grand-kids like to come play with them. Three of the sheep killed had been raised by Foerschler since birth. The one found dead Friday morning was among them -- and was due to give birth in a few days, according to Foerschler.

Foerschler also says the most recently killed sheep was dragged across the field and hung on a fence.

The Carson City Sheriff's Office says no one has reported hearing gunfire. Law enforcement also says a search found no casings or detailed footprints, leaving officers with little to go on.

Secret Witness is now offering a $750 reward. Anyone with information is asked to call 322-4900.

Authorities say whoever is responsible could face animal cruelty charges -- and possibly other charges as well.