Welcome Home

Lydia Comes Home
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There were mixed emotions at the airport as 8-year-old Lydia Rupp was reunited with her family for the first time in 9 days.

While the reunion continued, thoughts still drifted towards 47-year-old Fernando Aguerro who is currently being held in a Mexican jail facing several charges and no exact word as to when he will be returned to the U.S.

Carmen Bauer, Lydia's mother, says it's ok as long as he remains behind bars.

"As long as I know he's in there and he's not going to do this with anyone else, I'm fine with that."

Captain Jeff Page agrees, as long as Aguerro is in prison he is ok with everything.

"If he serves 38 years there and then we get him, fine. He's on their soil. He's in their jail. They have their own charges, so, if we want to get him out of there, we'll have to work."

Rupp knew she was the center of attention, and that many people, even strangers, were missing her during this last week.

And, despite the attention, her dad reminds everyone she is still a kid.

"I'm just thankful for everyone's prayers and support. I'm just thankful she's coming home."

Bauer is also thankful, saying the information has really hit hard.

But, as long as she can get through it, then she can be strength for Lydia.

"I have to be strong for her. She needs me. Whatever, I'm feeling, I have to put that aside and deal with it."

Before we left, she posed for us once more on her dad's lap, telling everyone the obvious.

"It's glad to be home."

He agreed.