No Teacher Layoffs Planned

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The Washoe County School District now has a plan to fill a $5.5 million gap in its budget, without cutting teachers. The Board of Trustees made a few changes to the proposed cutbacks, but overall praised the plan set forth by the school district to serve students, balance the budget and save jobs.

Last week, the district realized it over estimated the number of new students that would enroll this year. Officials expected about 1,400 but ended up with just 250 new students. Now schools will lose $5.5 million in state funding that's based on enrollment numbers.

Supt. Paul Dugan and staff came up with the a plan that includes freezing unfilled positions and tapping into what's known as the "rainy day fund" from which they'll take approximately $600,000 out of about $7 million that's estimated to be in there. The plan does not call for any job cuts.