A City Connected

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It doesn't matter who you ask, they all know Lydia.
Whether they knew her before last Friday or not, they say this city is connected.
"This is a major case for county our size, population about 50,000 people with about 77 sworn personnel. Without the assistance of ......., we would not be here today."
While Captain Jeff Page, with the Lyon County Sheriff's Office, spoke those words at a press conference hundreds of miles away... those in Fernley walked a little easier knowing that he was bringing 8-year old Lydia Rupp back home to them.
Sheila Nicol, brought her granddaughter to the carnival for some fun.
But, she didn't let her out of sight.
"All of a sudden this little girl is missing and it could be anybody. That's the thing, that's the thing. I don't want her walking a block and a half to the park, it's a lovely park, but I can't let her go by herself. She's only ten."
Most say everyone in Fernley has changed a little over the past week.
Many say they've learned something about this town tucked away, but as Nichole Klaus learned, not separated from the outside world.
"Now to know that that can happen here too. It's not small anymore. It's kind of scary.
Amanda Heiss says she heard her own young son talking about Lydia with his friends... they didn't understand how a little kid could get taken away.
"We've been watching the news a lot, keeping track. He's been asking a lot of questions. So, it's a good chance for us to sit down and talk about how you really have to be careful."
Though Heiss says she wasn't excited about talking to her son about predators and kidnappers, it had to be done.
And, while the relief is evident at this local carnival, so is the reality that kidnappers and sex offenders aren't always easily recognized.