Dad Speaks About Kidnapped Daughter

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Micah Rupp says he still can't believe what this family has been through in the last seven days.
"It was really tough when it hit the week mark. That's when it got really tough for me, I think, because it's like why haven't they found him yet. THey've seen him in Tijuana, what's going on? Once it hit that seventh day, it was really tough."
But, it got a lot easier when Rupp got a phone call telling him his daughter was in custody, along with 47-year old Fernando Ageurro, who police say kidnapped the little girl one week ago and headed straight for Mexico.
Even now, he still a little shaky talking about Lydia and how he survived this week.
"It's hard. You can't stand around and do nothing. You got to do something. You just do what you go to do and just wait and pray and everything turns out all right most of the time."
Rupp says he never focused on whether she would ever come home, only when she would come home.
This dad says he is proud of both of his children, and everything they have gone through during the seven day period.
"I just want to tell Daniel, my son, that I'm very proud of him for telling me everything that he did that was going on at the house... even though he didn't have to. I'm very proud of him."
Now, he too, waits again just to see Lydia for himself as soon as she gets back home.
"Everyone thinks it's not going to happen to me. It's not going to happen to me. And, someday, it just might happen and it did."