Fernley Girl Found

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Missing eight year old Lydia Bethanie-Rose Rupp was reunited with her mother Saturday afternoon in San Diego, California.
Carmen Bauer is a very happy woman right now.
She could barely contain her excitement as the new quickly spread through Fernley that Lydia was coming home.
"I'm very excited. I'm very excited. I'm out of breath just from running into the house to the car. There's no words. I just can't wait until I see her, until I hold her in my arms."
After exactly seven days of waiting, Carmen Bauer says this is the moment she prayed would come.
Police say 47-year old Fernando Aguerro took 8-year old Lydia Rupp one week ago, headed straight for Mexico.... but authorities on both sides of the border were looking for him.
They say they found both in Ensenada, Mexico... and now, Bauer says she's even more anxious to get her daughter back.
Lt. John Arndell, the lead investigator with the Lyon County Sheriff's Office, has also been waiting this day.
"She's fine, as far as I know. He's in custody with the Mexican authorities..... We've got two ways to handle the rest of it, quit grinning."
Even though Bauer cannot stop grinning, she made it very clear she jousts wants to see her daughter as soon as possible... no matter the details.
"I want to go down there and pick her up. I missed her. She has no idea what this was like. I missed her."
The news spread quickly throughout Fernley about the little girl who everyone noticed missing, everyone wanting to share the joy returned to this household.
"I just found out, they found her. But, they're making me wait."
But, she will wait because she says just knowing her daughter is safe will get her through.