Street Vibrations Quiet

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The Nevada Highway Patrol says this was the largest biker crowd in years, but it was also more spread out with events held all over the area. Troopers say, the weekend was far from accident free, as of yesterday, they say tow truck operators responded at least 35 accidents with minor to moderate injuries.

Kim Wolvers is visiting the area from Portland, Oregon. She says you have to have patience.

"You just got to watch out for each other, you know. Everybody's got to... everything out there is just a big obstacle course and you've got to be really careful."

Troopers say that is the number one reason why there were so many accidents this weekend: both drivers and bikers not being careful enough.

Sunday afternoon, troopers say one biker did not navigate the turn on the spaghetti bowl, with one woman getting transported to the hospital for precautionary reasons.

Earlier in the morning, the highway patrol says a motorcycle hit a coyote on Pyramid Highway near Golden View Drive causing both riders to be ejected; neither was listed with life-threatening injuries.

Sgt. Ron Larson, with the Nevada Highway Patrol, says drivers in cars do not understand how motorcyclists maneuver.

"The vehicles are not familiar and not paying attention to the motorcycles. So, they're not making safe lane changes, which are causing the bikes... they have a hard time to react, they can't just stop on a dime. So, two of the accidents that resulted in a fatality were actually caused by motor vehicles."

But, he says inexperienced bikers caused six to seven accidents with bikers returning to Reno from Virginia City on Geiger Grade Saturday.

Kyle Newberg, visiting from Portland, Oregon, agrees that experience is key, but it really comes down to both riders and drivers just sharing the road.

"I've never seen so many bikes in my life. This is a first. I haven't been to street vibrations, I haven't been to Reno. We'll have to come back again and do it."

Sgt. Larson says everyone just needs to slow down.

"Take some extra time out there on the highway, obviously, especially for the vehicles. Remember, you may have a hard time seeing those motorcycles. You may hear them, but they may be right beside you in your blind spot and you may not see them. So, just be careful when you're passing."