Getting Ready For College

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Most of the students at The University of Nevada's Open House day for high school seniors, admit they're taking the college admission process seriously, but none realized how exhausting it would become.
Dr. Steve Maples, the Director of Admissions, says these seniors really should have started earlier, no matter what college you want to attend.
"We would like to see more freshman and sophomores because the earlier we get this information across, the easier it's going to be when they are seniors."
If your child is a senior, administrators say now is really the time to apply.
Most schools offer applications on-line, and early admission... which is usually sometime in November depending on the school... is encouraged... especially if your child knows where they want to attend.
Sandi Sullivan says her son is making her a little nervous.
"Some colleges need them by the end of October. I'm concerned we won't make it because my son procrastinates. His first list included 135 colleges and I really think he should narrow that down."
Another advantage to early admission is that you will be considered for more scholarships and financial aid, instead of fighting for the money with the thousands who wait until the last minute.
Nevada, alone, receives 5-to-6-thousand applications a year, with 70-percent arriving one week before the deadline.
You will also want to learn about housing opportunities, some schools allow you to apply before you're even accepted...
Whether it's Nevada or another college, administrators and college students say you should visit as many campuses as possible to really get an understanding about what makes each school different and/or more appealing to your future high school graduate.