Hot August Nights Reservations

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Here's a tip: if you're coming to Reno for Hot August Nights make your reservations now for next year's event. The town is filling up and available rooms are rare. Here at the Silver Legacy, a few are available at a premium, but they'll be gone soon. Many were booked last fall.

Glenn Carano of the Silver Legacy Hotel Casino, says, "We start booking right after Labor Day for next year’s event."

It's the same all over town and it is every year. Hot August Nights maxes out the town fills rooms in outlying towns and it has ripple effects beyond that.

Ken Peak, the Vice President of Hot August Nights, says, "Somebody told me they tried to board their dog in Roseville, which is how many miles away, 80 or so, and they were told you have to book your dog six months in advance of Hot August Nights."

It all adds up to some big numbers, an estimated $240 million boost to the local economy, and a lot of fun for some of the rest of us. We live here. We've already got rooms.