Sex Offender at School

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School district officials say they didn't know Trujillo was a registered sex offender. Otherwise, they would have never let him volunteer.

They put two and two together after a parent contacted the district about a news report where Trujillo was arrested for the attempted abduction of a five-year-old girl.

James Lee Trujillo's picture is on the Nevada Department of Public Safety's online sex offender registry, but according to school district officials, he wasn't in their binder of police fliers distributed to all schools in Washoe County.

Steve Mulveno of the Washoe County School District says, "We're not sure where the responsibility lies. The Washoe County sex offender unit says they sent us the info, but our school police say they never got it."

Police Chief Michael Mieras says that's because the district didn't start notifying schools of sex offenders until the year 2000.

Trujillo registered with the state in February of 1994.

Mike Mieras, the school district police chief, says, "This individual was already registered prior to us getting involved with the sex offender unit, so we didn't have a record of this individual."

To make matters worse, the principal at O'Brien Middle School where Trujillo volunteered says Trujillo lied on his application. The place where you mark "yes" or "no" if convicted of a sex offense the principal says Trujillo left blank.

Scott Grange, O'Brien Principal, says he deliberately deceived the community and the school district, but he says Trujillo was a "model" volunteer. He was on bus duty most days after school, making sure kids got on the bus and directed buses out of the parking lot.