Prayers & Purple Ribbons

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Sadly, 5 days after Lydia Rupp and her apparent kidnapper, Fernando Aguero disappeared...there's little new to report. Aguero possibly with Lydia has been seen in Tijuana, Mexico. Lyon County investigators are awaiting word from Mexican authorities on leads they've developed. It's unlikely any evidence gathered here will lead to her safe return. It could however help build the eventual case against Aguero.

At this point there's little else, people in Fernley can do. But many don't want the case forgotten so they're planning on covering the town in purple ribbons. Those ribbons, in Lydia's favorite color, were already in evidence outside the Scolari's where Lydia's mother, Carmen Bauer works. And they're being worn by local residents handed out to passersby, worn by kids her age, and a number of people at today's press conference.

And with no new development to report that was really the purpose of today's press conference, to keep the focus on the case. A small town trying to make sure one of its own was not forgotten.

An account to help support Carmen Bauer through her vigil has been set up at Wells Fargo Bank. It's being administered through a local volunteer group for which she worked. There's been considerable concern that the amber alert in this case was cancelled. That doesn't mean the search for her is diminished. It's focused now in Mexico, beyond the reach of Amber Alerts. It seems just about everyone in Fernley is anxiously awaiting word from there an doing what they can up here.