Protecting The Neighborhood

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Nicole Robbins says she is just a mom... a mom police say was looking out for children other than her own July 13th.
"It woke me up. I wasn't as careful as I could have been. THey know to scream fire and stranger and kick and scream and run to a safe place."
Investigators say James Trujillo, a registered sex offender, befriended a five-year old girl inside a Stead apartment complex and waked her to another nearby apartment playground.
When Trujillo went to get his car, investigators say, the little girl heard her mother calling her and immediately went to her and told her what happened.
A family friend confronted Trujillo and took his car information before he fled the area, it was Nicole Robbins who got in her own car and followed.
"Knowing he was out there and trying to take one of the kids, you just start shaking and you don't know what to do. To put your mind where their mind is, being that scared. I just jumped in the car and went after him."
Police say the Chief's commendation certificate is rarely given out, in fact, they say only a few have been awarded in the last couple of years.
Sgt. Randy Saulnier, with the Reno Police Department, says they say it takes extraordinary courage and reaction by a person who can safely intervene and get police involved.
"She recognized a serious crime had just been committed. The suspect was getting away, so she took it upon herself to get in her car and identify the vehicle, the suspect, get a description, a plate number... continue to follow the suspect while dialing 911 and getting the police involved."
He says Robbins involvement is exactly how they want people to respond.... get involved, but don't put yourself in danger.
Robbins says, thinking back, she really doesn't remember thinking about what she was doing... instead, all she thought about was protecting her own children from this man who came to close to home.