Unkown Sex Offenders

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Detective Curtiss Kull, with the sex offender notification unit for the Reno Police Department, says parents need to take the responsibility to be a parent.
"For this law to work, you are counting on a convicted person... a convicted sex offender to walk up the stairs of that police station and fill out a piece of paper telling me where he's at."
Detective Kull, with the Reno Police Department, says you have to depend on more than a list to protect your kids from sex offenders.
That's the exactly what officers say happened to Carmen Bauer, the mother of 8-year old Lydia Rupp of Fernley.
Investigators say 47-year old Fernando Aguerro befriended Lydia's mother and eventually moved in, as a roommate, as the family started to trust him more and more.
"Whether it be a family member, a teacher, a coach, a pastor... when they're paying an inordinate amount of attention to your kids or something is just telling you this isn't a normal relationship, you cannot ignore that. You have to pay attention to that."
Statistics also list Nevada as the fourth worst state in the country because of the number of sex offenders who do not comply with the law and register as an offender according to Parents for Megan's Law.
In Nevada, whether you're just visiting or working, an offender has 48-hours to report to a local law enforcement agency to complete the paperwork.
Anytime an offender moves, it's also their responsibility to update the information with police.
But, offenders don't always register... that's why investigators say you must be the one to know who your child is with and what they're doing.
And, they say you must not be afraid to discuss why it's important for your child to protect his own body from anyone else and always tell you if something has happened.