Stand-off at the Alamo

Truck Stop Stand-Off
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A police stand-off in Sparks Tuesday evening ended 3 1/2 hours later, with a truck driver in police custody.

The stand-off began around five-thirty tonight at the Alamo-Petro Truck Stop on East Greg Street.

Police say they tried repeatedly to talk to the driver, but he didn't respond from attempts on a loud speaker or even after his trucked was filled with chemical agents like tear gas.

They say he was coherent, but not responding to police.

Lt. Tom Carson, with the Sparks police department, tells us that the stand-off with 33-year old Edison Sandoval, of Alhambra, California, began when he hit another truck here at the Alamo Petro Truck stop, in the parking lot, but didn't immediately stop the truck.

He says a security guard was able to climb in, turn off the truck and leave with the keys.

Sandoval was not responding when paramedics arrived, according to Lt. Carson.

He says what seemed harmless became a little more serious when they learned Sandoval was listed as missing and in danger with the National Criminal Information Center out of California.

Police say no officer was injured and Sandoval was taken to Washoe Medical Center to be treated for the effects of the chemical agents.

Police say they will charge him for the hit and run accident, along with several other charges relating to the three and a half hour stand-off.