Sex Offenders in Your Home

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Investigators say you really can't rely on the sex offender registry as your only tool to protect your children... especially since it's set up to rely on a convicted felon for it to work.
Carmen Bauer, the mother of the missing eight-year old Fernely girl, says she was shocked to learn that Fernando Aguerro was a registered sex offender in California.
He did not comply with Nevada law and register in this state.
Nevada is ranked as the fourth worst state in the country because of the number of sex offenders who do not comply with the law and register according to Parents for Megan's Law.
Megan's law is actually what allows us to find registered sex offenders in our neighborhood, but officers say it should go beyond any list.
Detective Curtiss Kull, with the Reno Police Department, says sex offenders aren't obvious, instead they're usually a trusted friend or family member.
"Whether it be a family member, a teacher, a coach, a pastor... when they're paying an inordinate amount of attention to your kids or something is just telling you this isn't a normal relationship, you cannot ignore that. You have to pay attention to that."
He still stresses the importance of looking on-line or visiting your local police department to learn who the registered sex offenders are in your area, just don't depend on this alone.