Downtown Hotel A Police Target

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A downtown Reno motel that police say has been plagued with drug problems is getting some serious attention from the motel interdiction team.

Police say it's an effort to clear out the drug trade and make living in this downtown motel better for all involved.

For the last 48-hours Reno police have been spending a lot of time here at the Lakemill Lodge. It's the culmination of a three week investigation.

Police had received numerous complaints from area businesses and residents. Today police confiscated at least one gun. Over the past two days police have made 15 arrests. Most were for either drugs or outstanding arrest warrants.

Yesterday morning around 4 a.m., police began stopping every person who stepped on the motel property. Today they raided sixteen rooms.

Sgt. Greg Ballew Reno told reporters, We knew that there was illegal activity going on there because of the amount of calls for service we got to this motel.