Forklift Accident Leaves 36 Thousand Without Cable

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A major miscalculation by a forklift driver in Carson City caused 36 thousand customers to lose their cable, Friday night.

The Washoe County Sheriff's Office says a fork lift operator was driving down East Lake Boulevard when the top of his lift struck several cable lines. Crews from Charter were working late into the night to try and repair the damage.

"We expect power to be out here til sometime this evening," says Scott Dockery with Charter. "We need to start doing some wok on the telephone poles. We don't know how affected they were."

Crews would soon find out the forklift knocked down three telephone poles.

The Washoe County Sheriff's Office says an independent contractor was likely speeding when he clipped a cable line and dragged it some 700 feet. Authorities cited the driver for having too high of a load to pass through the area.

The mistake cost customers from Fallon to South Lake Tahoe their cable for the night. But Charter says complaints will be kept to a minimum if the company can restore all cable by Saturday.

"Right now our biggest focus, is to get power restored," says Dockery. "We've got some big basketball games that our customers are going to be interested in watching tomorrow and our main criteria is just to get some service restored."

Another one of the problems crews were facing were aging power lines. That combined with the accident to cause some major problems.

As of 11:30pm on Friday, Charter said cable had been restored to all customers except for high-speed Internet subscribers in Fallon and cable television customers in Fallon.