New Generation of CT Scan

Eight year old Ryan Fitzsimmons is waiting to demonstrate Renown Medical Centers latest C-T-scanner. The machine pulls him through a cylinder and will take pictures of this chest area. Its done in slices much a knife to bread.

Ryan had this test , when his mom says the eight year old noticed he could see his heart beating though his skin.

Audrey Fitzsimmons is Ryan's mom: She says Ryan came to her and said he could feel his heart beat through his skin by his sternum.

"He noticed it first came to me and told me. It doesn't hurt. It just feels funny. You know with Ryan I err on the side of caution. IF he has a fever I bring him in. "

Audrey says her son was diagnosed with Di George Syndrome as an infant. It meant a major valve in his heart was not working properly.But, he's had surgeries to install valves that work properly. Now doctors were concerned about Ryans latest discovery.

Dr. Peter Verhey is a /Cardiopulmonary Imaging Specialist with Reno Radiological Associates.

" For pediatric patients such as Ryan we had a referral from a pediatric cardiologist who he had been seeing. He did have a known congenital heart defect which was repaired very very young. Since that the pediatric cardiologist has been following him looking for changes and making sure his repairs have been stable. And she asked us if we could use this new technology to look at his status."

With the help of this C-T Angiography Dr. Vehrey was able to capture images of Ryan's heart in fewer than five heart beats. The machine also delivers a lower radiation dose than other C-T scanners. While the images are helpful within themselves, they can also be combined to form a three-dimensional view for doctors to analyze as well.

Dr Verhey shows us the 3d image in black and gray and says the white on the pictures shows us something as well

" This section you see the white objects in the front of the heart. Those are stoma wires from the medical sternotomy performed for the repair of his heart defect."

In the end Dr. Vehrey was able to give Ryan good news. His heart and the surgeries performed on it are all holding up fine, the area of concern for Ryan and everyone else around him was a simple ventral hernia.

With that good news, Ryan hasn't skipped a beat