Fernley Kidnapping Focuses On Mexico

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Lyon County Sheriff's Office says 47-year old Fernando Ageuro has been in touch with his mother and sister who live in Las Vegas.
Lt. John Arndell says during each call, Ageuro has said he was with 8-year old Lydia Rupp and that he had not harmed her.... and he was looking to turn her over to a good Christian family.
"According to the Mother, he was seen in Tijuana and with the FBI resources and the Lyon County Sheriff's Office, we've determined he probably actually did cross the border. We don't know where the vehicle is, don't know how he's living, how he's staying there, don't know how his finances are. But, he's talked to family members and indicated that he would like to give the young child back."
That situation is exactly what Lt. Arndell says he is waiting for... but, the fact that Ageuro is a registered sex offender in the state of California makes time even more of the essence.
According to the National Association of Missing and Exploited CHildren, sexual assaults on children are only increasing... one in five girls and one in ten boys are sexually assaulted before they turn 18 years old, yet less than 35-percent of the assaults are reported.
"It's frustrating. Short of driving down to Tijuana, Mexico and walking the streets, you have to rely on outside agencies for help. Every agency does that... it's very frustrating not to be able to go down there physically and start hunting."
But, he says local law enforcement in Mexico are already looking, starting their search Saturday night and going through the night trying to catch up with the pair.
Lt. Arndell says they will find him, but he also hopes Aguero will turn himself in as soon as possible.
"If he calls me up, and I hope he does, Fernando.. if you're watching, call me up bud. I'll go down there and let the courts handle it."