Restricting Water Flow in the Truckee Canal

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Attorney Bob Hager filed a motion for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction with the court Tuesday. In it, the plaintiff’s ask the court to restrict water flows in the canal to 250 cubic feet per second

According to a Bureau spokesman, typical flows this time of year are in the range of 500 cubic feet per second. Currently the flow has been reduced to 150 cfs, and because of the Bureau’s new restrictions it may stay that way for awhile.

That plan put forward at a public meeting Wednesday outlined necessary steps to increase flows along the canal. Below is a copy of their presentation. The biggest hurdle comes at flows above 350 cfs. That won't be allowed until an impermeable barrier is constructed in at least one wall of the canal, on the populated side.

To put that 350 cfs in perspective, that's about half of what the water flow was at the time of the Fernley levee break.