Emergency Preparedness

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At about two today, the city declared a local level of emergency to quickly provide us the ability to quickly recover some of the public work facilities that were damaged in last night's thunderstorm.
City officials say this is the first local emergency since the snowstorm in January, but they say the timing is crucial because of previous damage during the thunderstorm on June 24th.
They say the city's drainage ditches were not made to handle this amount of water, and the damage was not unexpected.
Sparks City Manager Shaun Carey. "This is a flash flood event. What that means is in a very short period of time, say a half hour, a large amount of rain will fall and our drain facilities are designed for a slower amount of water arriving."
The city says the ten active hot spots with most of the damage is in the drains. But, all of their crews are making sure the catch basins are clear of any debris and flowing properly.