More affective HBP treatment

As we get older our chances of developing high blood pressure increases. It may be due to our weight, inactivity, diet or heredity. For Jim Bennett a stressful job did it for him. Fortunately there was a nurse at his job site.

"Took it and wouldn't let me leave her office until I called my doctor and made an appointment. And she probably saved my life."

With the help of medication, Jim is back on track. But because of his high blood pressure and diabetes he was recruited along with roughly ten other locals to be part of a national study of thousands to look two combined medications and their affects on high blood pressure.

Dr. Michael Bloch helpedwith the study. He is medical director with St. Mary's Risk Reduction Center.

" Both groups got an ace inhibitor. One group had a diuretic added to it,. The other has a calcium channel blocker all of the medications are available generically."

Dr. Michael Block is also an associate professor with the University of Nevada School of Medicine, and is often involved in studies like this one. But what surprised even him...this combination of an ACE Inhibitor and calcium channel blocker worked so well...the studies were stopped early to release the results. Specifically patients on this pill suffered 15-percent fewer heart related problems and strokes.

Dr. Bloch says, "And despite the fact the blood pressure was controlled equally in both groups, there seemed to be an advantage to using an ace inhibitor and a calcium channel blocker together."

Dr. Bloch says if you are already doing well on your high blood pressure medication, that doesn't mean you should make a change. But what this study does mean, those who are now diagnosed with high blood pressure may automatically be placed on this inexpensive combination drug right from the start.